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Operations Support & Control Coordinator

Job Purpose: Act as ATM support specialist and responsible for the performance of ATMs replenishment to ensure continuous, availability and best productivity according to the required standards of service, manage to resolve issues and incidents when detected. Provide excellent support service and response at all times with accurate provision of information. Job Description o Coordinate for effective ATM performance with prompt support for the replenishment team in order to promote and maintain adherence with the operational policies and procedures with best productivity. o Prepare the required reports for the work for clear patterns and areas of ATM replenishment team and manage the data immediately with frequent update almost daily to ensure accuracy, and report to the higher authority, and monitor the performance as per the policies and procedures of the company. o Guide the replenishment team as may require in case ATMs Keys were disabled and support them locking the ATMs properly to proceed with the replenishment process as per the policies and procedures of the company. o Validate all data provided for the new ATMs and direct proper instructions to the cash center team for locking and testing and providing necessary notifications accordingly. o Validate all reports, schedules, team personal data and update it with the coordinators in order to provide vehicles locations related to ATMs replenishment, maintenance, security process before pin-codes authorization to unlock ATMs or vaults in the cash center, and escalate immediately for any suspicious activities is witnessed. o Ensure to send the daily replenishment on time with taking into consideration the daily closing date and obtain necessary and formal management approvals for emergencies as per the policies and procedures of the company. o Assign ATM keys with necessary programing to the replenishment teams in line with the rotation plans and upon Operations Manager approval. o Review and endorse the data of ATM Keys and validate any rotation responsibilities of the team and ensure covering the scope of work upon the operations manager approval. o Report all ATMs technical issues and problems received from other parties and inform concerned teams accordingly to take the necessary action to close it within 2 hours. Escalate to management incidents that are open for more than 2 hours, and ensure closing it immediately. o Review the provided reports upon need for the management, department, teams or external parties, and produce and present data reports in charts, graphs, tables, designed to drive operational and compliance improvements. o Escalate to the operations management team any technical issues or suspicious incidents to provide solutions on time with prompt reporting for any threats, violation or the possibility of it. o Communicate with the operations coordinators/ supervisors to determine their operational requirements and priorities and make recommendations on process or system development. o Coach and distribute work for all officers and assistants and maintain a high level of cooperation with the team in order to ensure accurate and efficient service. Oversee all sections’ activities along with the work of all subordinates to ensure awareness of risks associated with the function and compliance with the operations procedures. o Develop performance standards of the team communicate job requirements and expectations and provide ongoing feedback on the team performance and verify the vacations plan to ensure no overlapping and develop and recommend periodical rotation plans of the teams in line with company policy and procedures, and have management approval for implementation. o Report for additional working hours and / or work during holidays when required by management. o Implement any special assignment given by the management of direct superior and provide recommendations on process enhancement. APPLY